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  • LDAP/Openldap - Configuring OpenLDAP for centralised user accounts under Linux/Gentoo.
  • LDAP/ - Specific information and tools available with the local LDAP implementation



  • BackupPC - Installing Backup PC to serve multiple clients
  • Bluetooth - Setting up Bluetooth devices
  • DNS/DHCP - Configuring ISC Bind and DHCPd with dynamic updates and subclasses
  • Kigen - Remote reboot of fully encrypted server with Dropbear and Luks
  • Iptables - Useful snippets for configuring advanced functionality in Iptables
  • iSCSI Enterprise Target - Sharing raw disks between Linux and Windows
  • Logical Volume Manager - Guide to both simple and more complex uses of LVM
  • Linux Alternatives to Windows Home Server Features - Open Source alternatives and considerations for switching from Windows Home Server to Ubuntu Linux
  • Openssh - Tips and tricks for using openssh
  • Pitchfork & MPD with PulseAudio - Installing MPD and pitchfork with PulseAudio under Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Kernel - Recompiling Ubuntu's kernel to support Physical Address Extension (“Memory Remap”) and more than 3GB of RAM
  • Smart - Monitoring the health of hard disks using SMART.
  • MD Software RAID - MD Software RAID in Linux
  • Syslog - Setting up a central network logging server using syslog-ng
  • VMware - Installation, configuration and troubleshooting for VMware Server
  • KVM - Tips and tricks for using KVM
  • SAT>IP - Getting an Elgato Netstream 4sat working with xbmc on Linux
  • NetRNG - Using NetRNG and a Raspberry Pi to distribute entropy across a local network
  • ELK - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana for log aggregation


Operating Systems



  • letsencrypt - Using letsencrypt certificates for internal nomad services via rfc2136 and vault
  • CSI - Using Democratic-CSI for persistent storage




Mobile Devices

Home Infrastructure

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