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Computer Backup

[[|BackupPC]] (**[[BackupPC|Guide]]**)

  • File-level storage pooling vs cluster-level in WHS.
  • Supports Linux and Windows machines.
  • Copies over SMB/rsync, thus will require whole HDD to be shared in order to back up the entire disk (alternatively only directories that need backing up can be shared).
  • Web interface to view logs, configuration, current status, and can also be used to initiate or cancel backups, and to browse backed up files and restore them.
  • Restoration can be done either over SMB or with a downloaded ZIP/Tar file.
  • Emails can be sent if a machine hasn't been backed up in a while.

Expandable Storage Pool (Drive Extender)

[[|LVM]] ([[Logical Volume Manager|Guide]])

  • Can add/remove physical volumes from a logical volume online.
  • Can stripe the whole or part of a volume across physical volumes similarly to RAID 0.
  • Can mirror the whole or part of a volume across physical volumes similarly to RAID 1.
  • Can move logical volumes between physical volumes.
  • Can create read-only snapshots of logical volumes.
  • Can create read-write snapshots of logical volumes.

Shadow Copies (Volume Snapshot Service)

[[|LVM + Samba]]

  • Snapshots taken at scheduled times.

Windows-Specific Testing

VMware Server ([[VMware Server on Ubuntu|Guide]])

  • Can use VMware Server along with various Windows ISOs from MSDN-AA to do any necessary Windows testing

File Sharing (SMB)


  • Samba for SMB/CIFS.
  • NFS for other Linux clients.
  • iSCSI maybe for illusion-of-local-disk on clients. (Guide)
  • Apache + PHP for HTTP/HTTPS, giving remote file access. Write my own or use pre-made software?

Media Streaming (UPnP AV Server)


  • Seems overkill just to share media to Xbox etc.


  • Less overkill, if it works. Xbox 360 is able to see the music, but not play it.

Power Management

  • Spin down disks? How will LVM affect this?
    • hdparm's -S argument. “-S 120” for 10 minutes, “-S 240” for 20 minutes. Anything above that gets complicated, so read man hdparm.
  • SpeedStep support? cpufreq, but should be automatic. cpufreq has this bad habit of not actually changing the CPU speed and leaving it at its minium, from what I can tell.

DVD Ripping

  • FairUse Wizard under a Windows VM shouldn't be much slower (can only make use of two cores anyway).
  • A GUI'd Linux app no doubt exists.
  • As (probably) does a CLI app, but that could very well be painful to use.
  • A ripper that can put more than 2 audio streams in a container would be nice for, e.g. SG-1's 200. Also one that could extract more than 1 subtitle stream at once…

Other Considerations

  • Support audio output over coax S/PDIF. So a music server could exist with web and/or (preferably) non-web remote control.
    • MPD? (Guide)
    • Volume mixing from desktop + Xbox?
    • Network streaming? Using Windows machines as PulseAudio clients (audio sources) is really horrible currently.
  • Bluetooth support? Not sure how far that could go, but could be interesting nonetheless.
    • Local internet access on phone?
    • Bluetooth media remote control for music player?
  • 4+GB RAM. By recompiling the kernel, Physical Address Extension (PAE) can be enabled in the BIOS, allowing the operating system to address more than ~3GB RAM. Window Server also supports this, but most drivers do not, causing endless BSODs.
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