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Configuring DHCP and DNS with Dynamic Updates

These instructions set up multiple dhcp servers listening on different network segments. Each pool will be split into multiple blocks, assigning blocks to different users (on a manual basis). Unrecognised clients are put in a visitors pool. Any host can be given a fixed ip, and an fqdn in dns.





The master name server runs on Santo, and is slaved by River.

There are two views configured: internal and external. The internal view holds, which receives dynamic updates from the DHCP server and maps hostnames to private IP addresses. The external view of contains aliases to the A records for NAT'd services. The zone is present in both views.

The slave is configured with the same views, and is set up to transfer the internal zone using a private IP address, and the external zone using a public IP address.

Configuration is stored in subversion, under configs:/named/master/.

The ''/etc/bind'' and ''/var/bind'' directories are symlinked to ''/etc/named'' and ''/var/named'' respectively.


Configuration is stored in subversion, under configs:/dhcp/master/.

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