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Install the latest version of Eclipse using either a distribution package dev-util/eclipse-sdk or extracting a tarball from the eclipse website into /opt/eclipse-3.x


Default Update Sites

The following plugins have been installed from the default update sites:

  • Collaboration
    • Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Mylyn Integration
    • Eclipse EGit
    • Eclipse JGit
    • EGit Mylyn
    • Subversive Revision Graph
    • Subversive SVN Integration for the Mylyn Project
    • Subversive SVN Team Provider
  • General Purpose Tools
    • Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks
    • Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Remote Development Support
    • Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
    • Remote Systems Explorer User-Actions
  • Programming Languages
    • Javascript Development Tools
    • PHP Development Tools
  • Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development
    • Eclipse Web Developer Tools
    • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
    • Eclipse XSL Developer Tools
    • Web Page Editor

Manually Added Update Sites

Subversive Connectors

  • SVNKit 1.3.5
  • JavaHL 1.6
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