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The Logitech Harmony One can now be reprogrammed under Linux thanks to the work done by concordance.

Reprogramming under Linux

  • Install concordance, libconcord (both available in sihnon community entropy repos)
  • Install congruity for a nice easy to use GUI (not currently packaged, but the download from the sourceforge homepage is ready-to-go after extracting
  • Associate the EZHex files with congruity
  • Logon to and make the appropriate changes
  • When the time comes, connect the remote and click the Update Remote button on the webui.
  • Open the EZHex download and watch as the pretty progress bars fill up.


Audio switch

  1. xbmc (optical)
  2. xbox 360 (optical)
  3. playstation 3 (optical)
  4. unused
  5. unused
  6. unused
  7. front

HDMI switch

  1. freesat
  2. playstation 3
  3. xbox 360
  4. xbmc
  5. xbox one


  1. Optical 1 (connection to audio switch)
  2. Phono (RCA) (connection to Belkin T86 bluetooth receiver)
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