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Getting up TVheadend

TV Streaming

  • Build and install a recent version of media-tv/tvheadend (3.9 seems to work). It needs to have the SATIP and upnp commits included. This is included in
  • Start the tvheadend service systemctl start tvheadend
  • Browse to Configuration→DVB Inputs→TV Adapters. If the right version is installed, it should automatically detect the SAT>IP device via uPnP.
  • Switch to the Networks tab and click Add
  • Choose DVB-S, tick Network Discovery, Skip Initial Scan. From Pre-defined Muxes choose 28.2E:Astra for UK Freesat. Don't forget to click the Save button on each tuner!
  • Switch back to the TV Adapters tab and for each tuner that has a LNB connection, select Position #1 (AA) and tick Enabled, and choose the Freesat network defined earlier. Also select the Tuner itself (parent of Position #1) and enable that.
  • Switch to the Muxes tab and click Add
  • Choose the Freesat network created earlier, select Delivery System to DVBS2 for Freesat HD. Select EPG Scan to Force UK Freesat and accept all other defaults.
  • Wait a few minutes and channels should start appearing in the Services tab. Filter on Encrypted=no to hide the unwatchable entries.
  • Select the channels that should be exposed to XBMC and click Map Selected. Tick Check Availability, Merfe Same Name and Create provider tags, then map them. This will take a while. Keep an eye on journalctl to see progress.



Setting up XBMC

  • Build and install a copy of xbmc-addon-pvr
    • Set EGIT_BRANCH=“frodo” because the current version is causing memory corruption
    • For simple-iptv-pvr support add –enable-addons-with-dependencies (we'll be using tvheadend so no need for this).
  • Restart XBMC to pick up the new plugins
  • Disable all PVR Client addons except tvheadend
  • Configure the tvheadend client to set the hostname/username/password etc.
  • Browse to System→Live TV, set Enabled
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