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Distcc is used to compile packages faster on slow machines, such as Santo or the virtual machines, by doing some of the grunt work on physical hosts.

Build Hosts

  • (River)
  • (Badger)
  • <s> (Hex)</s> todo

The build hosts use the following architectures:

{| class=“wikitable” cellspacing=“10”

! Name ! Value

The following cross-compilation environments are also available:

  • i586-pc-linux-gnu
  • i686-pc-linux-gnu

Configuring a build host

/etc/conf.d/distccd|<source lang="text"> </source>

Configuring a new cross-compilation environment

Run the following command on each build host, where <tt>i586</tt> is the name of the new environment.

<source lang="bash"> crossdev -t i586 </source>

This command will build the necessary tools for cross-compilation, and will take a considerable time to run. To serve as a progress check, the following stages are run:

  • binutils
  • linux-headers-quick
  • glibc-headers
  • gcc-stage1
  • linux-headers
  • glibc
  • gcc-stage2

Configuring a build client

If the client has the same CHOST as all the build hosts, then setting up distcc is straightforward:

<source lang="bash"> distcc-config --set-hosts "" </source>

  • Configure portage to use distcc for compilations by adding setting the following option:

/etc/make.conf|<source lang="bash"> FEATURES="distcc" </source>

Configuring a build client with a different CHOST to the build hosts

As explained in the Gentoo documentation, set up a wrapper script to have distcc tell the build host which environment to use for compilation.

  • Create the wrapper script in <tt>/usr/lib/distcc/bin/</tt>, with the name of the CHOST to be used, for example, <tt>i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper</tt>, containing the following:

/usr/lib/distcc/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper|<source lang="bash"> #!/bin/bash exec /usr/lib/distcc/bin/sparc-unknown-linux-gnu-g${0:$[[-2]]} "$@" </source>

  • Make the wrapper script executable, and replace the unqualified tool symlinks with symlinks to the new wrapper:

<source lang="bash"> cd /usr/lib/distcc/bin chmod a+x i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper rm cc gcc c++ g++ ln -s i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper cc ln -s i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper gcc ln -s i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper c++ ln -s i686-pc-linux-gnu-wrapper g++ </source>

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