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Hosting and Access

Subversion is run from but can also be accessed over https at The current subversion host is saffron. Repositories are located in <em>/var/svn/repos</em>. Users in the LDAP developers group have commit access to all the repositories using svn+ssh. Anonymous users have read-only access to a small selection of the repositories hosted on this machine. ===== Repository Browser ===== Repositories can be browsed using the web interface at This provides a listing of all the repositories and redirects to /svn which is also the URL repositories can be anonymously checked out from. ===== snapshots ===== Certain repositories have snapshots after each change or on a nightly basis. These can be found in Repositories which may not be browsed anonymously have snapshots created in instead, which is restricted by IP address or LDAP login, again to members of the developers group.

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