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= Useful Extensions =

Extensions That I ([[User:Andrew|Andrew]]) Use

  • FlashBlock - Blocks Flash!
  • Google Latitude - Displays your Latitude friends' location in a drop-down right in your browser
  • Google Reader Notifier - Displays the current number of unread RSS items in Google Reader, with a button to immediately launch the site
  • Xmarks Bookmarks Sync - Synchronises your bookmarks between computers and even different browsers
  • YouTube HTML5-ifier - Replaces YouTube's Flash videos with a HTML5 <video> element which is lighter on CPU and, well, isn't Flash!

Other Useful Extensions

  • Brizzly - Complex (but slow) Twitter client
  • Chromed Bird - Faster (but still pretty slow) Twitter client
  • chromeTouch - Adds kinetic scrolling and touch-screen-scrolling in general
  • Chrowety - Twitter client
  • Cooliris - An interesting way of viewing large collections of images
  • Facebook Notifications - Displays, well, Facebook notifications
  • Firebug Lite - Actually not all that useful, given Chrome's built-in developer tools
  • Intersect - Modifies the Twitter website to display intersection data of your followers and of the person whose profile page you're viewing
  • Metrist - Another Twitter client
  • Send From Gmail - Changes Chrome's default email client to Gmail, and provides a button to send the current page URL as a link via email
  • Speed Tracer - Shows performance information for websites
  • Vimlike Smooziee - Adds Vim-like keybindings to Chrome
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