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Printing on a C5 Envelope with a Dell 1320c Printer

(C5 is the envelope size used for A5 - i.e. A4 folded in half once - paper)

There are changes to be made in both Microsoft Word and Printing Preferences.

In Microsoft Word

  • Set Word's paper orientation to Landscape.
  • Set Word's paper size to C5.
  • Start the address quite some distance down the page. Ideally, leave the entire top half of the page blank.

In Printing Preferences

  • Set Paper Size to C5.
  • Set Image Orientation to Landscape.
  • On the Paper Tray tab, set Paper Source to SSF.
  • On the Paper Tray tab, set SSF Paper Type to Envelope.

Paper Feed

The envelope gets inserted into the SSF (single sheet feed) slot built into the paper tray at the front of the printer. Open the envelope flap, and position the envelope so that the flap is on your right (as you look at the front of the printer) and the “front” of the envelope (where you want the address to be printed) is facing the floor: Example.

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