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 +====== Subversion ======
 +===== Hosting and Access =====
 +Subversion is run from svn+ssh://​ but can also be accessed over https at https://​​svn/​.
 +The current subversion host is [[Hosts#​Saffron|saffron]].
 +Repositories are located in <​em>/​var/​svn/​repos</​em>​.
 +Users in the LDAP developers group have commit access to all the repositories using svn+ssh. Anonymous users have read-only access to a small selection of the repositories hosted on this machine.
 +===== Repository Browser =====
 +Repositories can be browsed using the web interface at https://​​subversion. This provides a listing of all the repositories and redirects to /svn which is also the URL repositories can be anonymously checked out from.
 +===== snapshots =====
 +Certain repositories have snapshots after each change or on a nightly basis. These can be found in https://​​subversion/​snapshots. Repositories which may not be browsed anonymously have snapshots created in https://​​subversion/​snapshots/​private instead, which is restricted by IP address or LDAP login, again to members of the developers group.
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