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 +====== Openfire ======
 +[[Installing Startcom SSL Certificates]]
 +The default trust store does not include [[Startcom]]'​s root CA certificate,​ and so trying to add ssl certificates using the web interface will fail. To rectify this, the root CA certificate must be added to the trust store manually.
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +keytool -importcert -alias "​startcom root ca" -keystore /​opt/​openfire/​security/​truststore -file startcom.crt
 +Now it should be possible to import the signed certificates. First, delete any self-signed certificates from the <​tt>​security certificates</​tt>​ page of the openfire webui. Once the keystore is empty, start the import process. The private key should be in PEM format, and may or may not be encrypted; if it is, supply the passphrase, else leave the box blank. The certificate box should be filled with the entire chain of server and intermediate ca certificates in PEM format.
 +After the import completes, openfire will ask you to restart the HTTPS service for the new certificates to take effect. TLS jabber connections should also now work.
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