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 +====== ======
 +At long last, I've found a solution to streaming radio through MPD.
 +http://​​mc has a collection of utility scripts for <​tt>​mpc</​tt>,​ one of which is the <​tt>​mpf</​tt>​ script for
 +to install, extract the zip into a pathed directory (it contains three scripts, which bomb the current directory). Run mcf once by hand and it will run through a simple configuration wizard to set your credentials.
 +Then you can run mcf to enqueue streams in mpd:
 + mcf 0.3 gives you easy MPD access to radio stations.
 + Run 'mcf --setup'​ to generate a configuration file before use.
 + ​Syntax:​
 +   mcf <search key> <search term(s)>
 + ​Search keys can be
 +   a for artist (e.g. 'new york dolls'​)
 +   f for'​s global tags, only one accepted (e.g. '​funky'​)
 +   l to pick a tag from a list of poular tags (does not require
 +   ​search terms)
 +   r for a group'​s radio station (e.g '​mpd'​)
 +   u for user's radio station (e.g. '​musiclover8462'​)
 +   n for user's neighbourhood radio station (e.g. '​musiclover8462'​)
 +   s for a specific address (e.g. '​lastfm://​play/​tracks/​10413'​)
 + ​ is fairly strict with redirects but you should be able to get
 + away with omitting initial '​the'​s and not capitalizing any letters. All
 + ​search terms except user name and address can consist of multiple
 + ​words. Sadly there does not seem to be a way to combine multiple tags. · Last modified: 2014/11/24 01:14 by