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 +====== Linux/​Serial ======
 +===== VMware =====
 +Add a virtual serial port.
 +  * Set the type to Named Pipe in /tmp/serial
 +  * Set this end to be the server
 +  * Set the other end to be the virtual machine
 +Install the following packages:
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|net-misc/​socat}}
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|net-misc/​taylor-uucp}}
 +run socat with:
 +{{Command|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +socat -d -d /tmp/serial PTY:
 +Look out for which tty the output has been redirected to, eg /dev/pts/0
 +Connect the terminal emulator with:
 +{{Command|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +cu -l /dev/pts/0 -s 38400
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