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 +====== Framebuffer ======
 +===== Overview =====
 +This page explains how to set up a uvesafb framebuffer to increase the amount of text visible on the console, and make it look pretty at the same time. 
 +===== Required packages =====
 +Install the following packages:
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|media-gfx/​splashutils}} {{USEFlag|{{EnableFlag|fbcondecor}}}}
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|media-gfx/​splash-themes-livecd}}
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|media-gfx/​splash-themes-gentoo}}
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|media-gfx/​bootsplash-themes}}
 +  * {{Package|direct=yes|sys-apps/​v86d}}
 +===== Configuration =====
 +==== Kernel ====
 +Configure the kernel with the following options. Make sure to build <​tt>​uvesafb</​tt>​ directly into the kernel, and not as a module if you want to make use of the framebuffer during boot.
 +Select a theme from <​tt>/​etc/​splash/</​tt>,​ and then build the kernel and initramfs with the following command. <​tt>​natural_gentoo</​tt>​ is a nice grey theme, which looks good on high resolutions. It is assumed that any other required options, such as lvm, have been specified in <​tt>/​etc/​genkernel.conf</​tt>​ - otherwise modify the command as needed.
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +genkernel --splash=natural_gentoo --splash-res=1280x1024 all
 +==== Grub ====
 +There'​s a pretty black grub theme on [[http://​​node/​140|]]. Download and extract the tarball, and copy the black theme to <​tt>/​boot/​grub/​gentoo_black.xpm.gz</​tt>​.
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +wget http://​​system/​files/​Gentoo-grubsplash.tar.gz
 +tar -zxf Gentoo-grubsplash.tar.gz
 +cp Gentoo-grubsplash/​black.xpm.gz /​boot/​grub/​gentoo_black.xpm.gz
 +Edit the grub config to add the <​tt>​video</​tt>,​ <​tt>​splash</​tt>​ and <​tt>​console</​tt>​ options as below:
 +{{File|/​boot/​grub/​grub.conf|<​syntax lang="​grub">​
 +default 0
 +timeout 8
 +title Gentoo Linux 2.6.29
 +root (hd0,0)
 +kernel /​boot/​kernel-genkernel-x86_64-2.6.29-gentoo root=/​dev/​ram0 real_root=/​dev/​mapper/​badger-root ramdisk=8192 init=/​linuxrc doscsi dolvm video=uvesafb:​mtrr:​3,​ywrap,​1280x1024@60 splash=verbose,​fadein,​theme:​natural_gentoo console=tty1
 +initrd /​boot/​initramfs-genkernel-x86_64-2.6.29-gentoo
 +==== Startup ====
 +Finally, add <​tt>​fbcondecor</​tt>​ to the boot runlevel
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +rc-update add fbcondecor boot
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