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 +====== Fixing_Vista_Glass_on_Maximised_Windows ======
 +Windows Vista'​s Glass theme makes the borders of windows and the taskbar (and the Sidebar) transparent,​ however it makes everything opaque again when a window is maximised. ​ There is a patch available that modifies the UXtheme files to set windows, the taskbar and the Sidebar to stay transparent when a window is maximised.
 +Full details are [[http://​​make-maximized-windows-taskbar-transparent-automated-uxtheme-patcher/​|here]]. ​ Unfortunately it requires a reboot, but you have to expect that when you're patching system files.
 +**Note:** You will need to use the Beta 3 version of the app if you are using Vista SP1.  Beta 3 is linked to at the bottom of the download page.
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