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 +====== Disaster_Recovery ======
 +===== Moving disk partitions from one machine to another =====
 +If a disk is about to fail, and you need to create a backup of a partition on another machine, you can use dd and netcat (and optionally pv) to copy the partition over the network.
 +Run the following command on the machine that is to receive the backup. In this case, <​tt>​-p 3333</​tt>​ specifies the port to listen on</​tt>,​ <​tt>​-s 10737418240</​tt>​ is the expected size of the partition (10gb here) in bytes, and finally <​tt>​of=/​path/​to=backup.img</​tt>​ is where the backup will end up. You can of course use another partition, such as an lvm partition, as the location for the backup. Using <​tt>​pv</​tt>​ causes progress information to be displayed; omit the pipe to pv if you don't want/need this information.
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +nc -l -p 3333 | pv -p -r -b -e -t -s 10737418240 | dd of=/​path/​to/​backup.img bs=4096
 +To send the partition to the backup machine, run this comand on the machine that has the failing disk. Here, <​tt>​if=/​dev/​failed-disk</​tt>​ is the device node for the partition to be backed up, and <​tt>​ 3333</​tt>​ is the hostname or ip address of the other machine to send the backup to, along with the port number specified above.
 +{{Root|<​source lang="​bash">​
 +dd if=/​dev/​failed-disk bs=4096 | pv -b -p -r -t -e -s 107374182400 | nc 3333
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * http://​​content/​copying-filesystem-between-computers
 +  * http://​​programs/​quickref/​pv.shtml or <​tt>​man pv</​tt>​
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