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 +====== Apache ======
 +===== Logging via syslog =====
 +Redirect the error messages to syslog, using the ErrorLog directive:
 +{{File|/​etc/​apache2/​modules.d/​00_default_settings.conf|<​syntax lang="​apache">​
 +#ErrorLog /​var/​log/​apache2/​error_log
 +ErrorLog syslog:​local1
 +LogLevel warn
 +Apache can't handle sending the access logs to syslog natively, but we can pipe them to another process to do it for us - logger.
 +{{File|/​etc/​apache2/​modules.d/​00_mod_log_config.conf|<​syntax lang="​apache">​
 +  - Comment out any existing CustomLog directives
 +CustomLog "​|/​usr/​bin/​logger -p"​ common
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