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 +====== 1320c_Envelope_Printing ======
 +===== Printing on a C5 Envelope with a Dell 1320c Printer =====
 +(C5 is the envelope size used for A5 - i.e. A4 folded in half once - paper)
 +There are changes to be made in both Microsoft Word and Printing Preferences.
 +==== In Microsoft Word ====
 +  * Set Word's paper orientation to Landscape.
 +  * Set Word's paper size to C5.
 +  * Start the address quite some distance down the page. Ideally, leave the entire top half of the page blank.
 +==== In Printing Preferences ====
 +  * Set Paper Size to C5.
 +  * Set Image Orientation to Landscape.
 +  * On the Paper Tray tab, set Paper Source to SSF.
 +  * On the Paper Tray tab, set SSF Paper Type to Envelope.
 +==== Paper Feed ====
 +The envelope gets inserted into the SSF (single sheet feed) slot built into the paper tray at the front of the printer. ​ Open the envelope flap, and position the envelope so that the flap is on your right (as you look at the front of the printer) and the "​front"​ of the envelope (where you want the address to be printed) is facing the floor: [[http://​​envelope-ssf.jpg|Example]].
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